Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Goals!

Just having returned from 5 weeks away I've been doing a lot of thinking about priorities for this year creativity wise! After much soul searching I've decided this is the year to clear my calendar of scheduled commitments and make getting The Crafty Camel up and running a priority! I've opened a madeit shop and hope to produce a steady stream of items to sell in it! Any ideas will be eagerly considered! I've started my first "work" week by making 10 unique kids satchels. This week I hope to focus on getting a quilt done and some pretty book bags to keep your books pristine in your bag.

I wonder how I can go about promoting my new "shop"?! I will have to give that some thought. Considering some business cards for a start... but I figure stocking it up first is a good plan! Just about to order some cotton tape labels from France! Exciting stuff!

School starts in another week so this week will be taken up with getting ready for that! All in good time! Soon it will be me and my very active toddler home during the day while the big kids are at school!

During the holidays I did a fair bit of clothes sewing... here are just a few things I managed to finish...


Hooked On Yarn said...

Love the dress at the bottom! Tropical and summery :)

I have one word for you, my friend...FLICKR!

Mairi said...

I have four words for you... "Hours in the day!!!!" Yes, Flickr is my next plan!!!! I actually have a flickr account though! Hmmm.... job for tomorrow! :-)))