Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Woolly Wednesday!

FINALLY finished!!! Amazing how ridiculously impressed people get by a simple knit/purl jumper these days!!! Once upon a time...!! I couldn't find matching buttons in my drawer so... well, I like a bit of added quirkiness! This jumper design is very simple... it's knitted in Shepherd ColourPlay 8ply from the Panda Handknits for Kids book. Love the little pockets on the front... first time I've done some of those!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Giveaway Folks!!!

I'd love to get The Crafty Camel out there a bit more so I'm having a little giveaway... you can see the prizes below...! 

I will be drawing it next Monday 10th June. So... you can have up to 3 entries...

1. Head over to The Crafty Camel facebook page and "like" the giveaway album (and The Crafty Camel of course!) 
2. Become a follower of this blog and let me know in the comments that you have done...  
3. Share the facebook album with your friends and invite them to enter the giveaway! 

The Crafty Camel isn't just for crafty people... it's for people who enjoy 100% handmade products! 

Good luck everyone!!

1st prize... The Crafty Camel "Knitters Dilly Bag - Small"... this unique (yep, no two are the same!) knitters bag is designed for small projects... it fits DPNs and circular needles comfortably... a secure pocket for bits and pieces... a rear plastic pocket on the outside for your pattern... a handle for hands free (you know what I mean!) knitting - great for on the go... a snap on the handle to attach it to your belt... RRP $25...

2nd prize... Children's satchel... your choice of EITHER boy or girl... internal fabric matches outside pattern... brilliant for kids to carry their treasures in... RRP $24... 

3rd prize... a set of 3 vintage look bibs... large, towelling lined... RRP $20 for a set of 3... (for some off reason this picture will not rotate to front on...)

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Glenbrae Aprons...

My daughter has been attending Highland dancing lessons for a while now. Last week her troupe were performing at a Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser for cancer research at a local fabric store. As part of the fundraiser the public were invited to make aprons and donate them to charity. I decided the night before (as you do!) to get a little creative! I rummaged around in my stash, found some tartan, a spot of black fabric, some buttons, some lace... and after a little research the Glenbrae aprons were born! Oh boy, I really should get sleep occasionally!

Pretty pleased with how they turned out, especially the details on the male version... authentic Highland cow hide sporran of course!!! The buttons I found were perfect and the buckle! So... just to make you smile... here's a picture of my dad and I modelling them! My daughter was giving instructions... clearly my dad is more willing to go a little crazy than I am!!!We are authentic 100% Scots so it is a good photo in many ways!

 So anyway, I ended up winning first prize in the modern apron section! A decent prize too! 

Since I had the aprons for less than 24 hours I got to missing them... they were so much fun to make... so I went and bought them back!!! Dad is pretty chuffed he's getting his back... I think he was a little sad to part with it in the first place!!! 

Next plan is to make a pattern to sell... I couldn't find a pattern for anything similar on the internet... stay tuned...