Thursday, August 7, 2008

Almost the end of the week!

Well, haven't been very productive the last couple of days, though I did teach a friend how to do mitred corners on her patchwork quilt! I had a slight diversion at Spotlight tonight and accidentally went home with a few balls of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick wool by Lion Brand. Mmmm.... I'm thinking a super quick throw!?!?! Well it was down from $13 a ball to $5 so how was I going to go past that?
I have discovered a blogger who puts me to shame with the speed at which she seems to knit. She also dyes and spins her own yarn (yes, I do possess some!) and sells it from time to time! You can find her at
Well, that's the only update for now! I really must get on with my assignment on Henry VIIIs 6 Articles of Uniformity. Do I know anything about this subject?!?!? Nope, not a skerick! Best go become learned!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh dear...!!!!

This is the lovely square I received from Chris on Fair & Square! It is absolutely stunning and I love the bright colours!

This is the Fair & Square block that i sent to Staci. I loved the crazy bright thread which if you're interested is Needle Necessities colour 1931! I haven't seen any brighter variegated thread on the market and so I ordered it in quantity from America!!

I just can't help myself... I'm easily distracted I admit!!!! I got sidetracked on the weekend from finishing anything by a little red sampler!!!! Pretty good going for a lazy Sunday I thought!!!! Now I just have to finish it or it will become just another "UFO"!!!! Oh dear, I really do need help don't I!!!

On other matters I'm back into study again! Just dragged a whole library home with me so that should keep me busy for a while!!!!

Tomorrow a friend is coming over to get some help on her mitred corners on her patchwork! That should be fun and hopefully we'll manage to sort it out for her... it's been ages since I did some! I guess that after that it's hitting the books big time and not so much time for crafting!

Till next installment!

Friday, August 1, 2008

So... what am I working on at the moment?

I found this little wall hanging today that I was making for my son at the end of last year! It's all pieced and I'm thinking that maybe it is time to finish it... not that he doesn't already have a digger quilt on his wall, but maybe I'll replace the jungle one hanging facing his door... that way he can see this one when he gets out of bed in the morning!
I have been doing this cross stitch for so many years now that it isn't funny! It is almost finished thanks to a burst on it in the last few weeks... methinks maybe if I just keep it out it will get done! Unfortunately the colour of the threads is quite different to the picture (cool rather than warm colours) which has always disappointed me and probably made me more reluctant to get it done!
I have now done 3 Fair and Square rounds and these are the two I have received so far! Ruths one really matches my lounge room and I think I found the perfect frame to reflect the borders in it. I'm so pleased!
Last week I received on from Chris which is also gorgeous and the frame I picked up for $3 is perfect though the photo probably doesn't do it so much justice. I really like the bright colours in it!
I have recently dug this cross stitch out again... probably a reflection of how I'm feeling at the moment! It is progressing slowly but surely!
At Christmas I started this bolero but when I'd knitted the fronts together I realised that the dye lots of the wool were really quite different. So... off I went to find the same dye lot and now I just need to find some motivation to finish it! Starting over is never that easy... even if it is only one side and quick to knit!
My son's pj's are well on the way! I finished him a pair a couple of days ago with collar and buttons but this is a new pattern with a v-neck and no buttons! I'm hoping it will be quick... I also have to cut some out for my daughter! I'm thinking these will be the size for next winter which will be great!
I started this set of cross stitches and got the most of one done watching TV the other night but I really have lost the white so I'm thinking the aida on the right is going to be a better match and more striking! Sigh! Ah well, it was quick and not too complex!This is the start of a rug I'm knitting for a friend's little lad. I love the colours and the yarn. Every second colour strip is in moss or double moss which makes it much slower going. I hope that I will get it done for his Christmas! By then I may not want to part with it!!! It will match his room perfectly though!
I am madly knitting a vest for my husband's birthday which is in a week! Fortunately it is 1/2 done and on 5 1/2mm needles which makes it very quick. I think that the colour will suit him nicely and it's manly enough! I am just itching to get going on the front so I can see how I go with the cable down the front.
Unfortunately I got a little distracted today when I got the new knitting mag from UK! Oops, I found some wool in my stash and got cracking! Got a ball and a bit done in a couple of hours between jobs!

I am also trying to get finished on a wall hanging that was supposed to have been finished when the kids were really little... and if I don't finish it soon they'll be leaving home!!!! It's rather country so I don't quite know where I'll put it, especially since I've pretty much run out of wall space, but it is one of those things that desperately needs finishing!

Well, I think that's enough to keep me going for a bit! There are a million other 1/2 finished projects in my stash and I think I'll gradually list them on my to-do lists down the side! I'll also try to put up some more pics of completed projects that I can find around my house! Now I'm off to do a spot of knitting before I hit the sack! Night night from Downunder!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome to me!!!

I have decided that it is well and truly time to start a blog dedicated to my "projects"!!! I seem to be endlessly having something on the go so now you can all see what's going on!!!! Keep watching... soon there will be a pile of photos up for you to go "ooh" and "ah" at!!!!!!