Thursday, July 21, 2011

A few more recent makes...

Funny thing was that this last week of school holidays I churned out a few clothes and made dolly things in between to keep everyone happy! Windcheaters are so quick and easy to make... about 1/2 hour these days! It's always very satisfying and they are so warm and cuddly!

I bought this bright stripey material a while back for only a couple of dollars a metre! I knew my eldest would like it! She wanted a hoodie instead of a windcheater which was fine! Actually a really great pattern... quick and easy even with the pockets... definitely be using that one again! I had to go buy it because I suddenly realised that she's wearing size 10 now and all my patterns were only up to 9!!! How does this happen?!!!!
I still have a pile of things cut out ready to sew but it's much quicker when you get to that stage!!!
My eldest was given this doll from an elderly lady who made clothes for dolls. It had a dislocated shoulder and she had got past making clothes so she gave her to us! We had her arm fixed and she's been played with for a long time! She's actually probably quite valuable... not designed as a toy... but we think she looks a bit freaky (Chucky?!!!). It was time she had a new wardrobe so now she has a halter-top and skirt!

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kaesea said...

She still looks freaky even with the new styling. Definitely Chucky's girlfriend.