Sunday, October 9, 2011

Making Chewy...

Well... it's not something I thought I'd ever find myself doing... making chewy... but life is full of surprises!

Actually, it was easier than I thought... done in an evening... and although it's a bit off in bits I'm generally pretty happy with it! Not that I think it's edible... far from it... but I think the kids will like it... especially my 2 year old! We'll have to wait until the morning for a full report!

So how did I come to be making chewy!? Well... I was blog browsing... as one does... and I saw the recipe... and knew I just had to make it! I rummaged around in my boxes of material and found just the ingredients I needed and a couple of hours later... it was done!

I really must commend draw!pilgrim on her most excellent instructions!  They were super simple and clear! Sorry for the wonky bits... they are mine... not hers... ! Also I didn't have any cord in my stash so I used some fur I had been debating about sending to another home... and I stitched my felt face on instead of putting it under... Felt and duct tape stitched on for the ammo belt and he is done! Seriously that face is a bit wonky isn't it... but hey... you gonna tell a wookie that to his face?!!

Whadya think Princess Leia would say!?


2 Star Wars tragics love him... as does the 2 year old!!! :-)


greta @ topography said...

I think I will have to try this sometime, it came out very cute!

petapledger said...

I love it! Well done! :-)

kaesea said...

Hilarious ! Love it. Can you do me one for Christmas please, please, please. This chewy could star in commercials for toothpaste. Makes me smile.