Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ooooh wow! My first award!

The lovely Allyson over at who is my favourite crochet girl has awarded me a blog award! I think she is secretly just trying to encourage me to update my blog more often! Actually, who am I kidding!? There's no secret about it! In the spirit of the award (hey, does it actually have a name!?) I am passing it on to FIVE other bloggers with less than 200 followers that I know and enjoy as a way of encouraging them in their bloggy pursuit!

1. Kaesea always astounds my with her ability to turn the most simple things into the most brilliant! She is a thrift genius extrordinaire and I love what she's doing with her upholstery!

2. I really enjoy reading Michelle's blog. I always feel inspired to make more of my own clothes when I read her blog! And she's a pretty amazing yarn genie too!

3. Erica tries to suggest her life is mundane as a stay at home mum but from one to another its actually far more exciting than she makes out! I love her way with colour especially and the variety of things she manages to get into her life!

4. I did a cross-stitch exchange with Pokua a while back and enjoy her style of cross stitching! She's always very upbeat and I cannot believe the amount of cross-stitching she gets done!

5.  This is a really fun blog with a mixture of all sorts of mediums! Girl after my own heart! Josie does the most beautiful stitching and designs!

So, discover a new blog today... head on over and say hi!


Josie said...

Thank you,Mairi for liking my blog and passing this award to me. Its a nice feeling to be noticed and appreciated and you just made my day. I read about pads for Africa and love what you and your friends are doing.. Great work! keep up the good job. Have a nice day.



Crossed Yarns said...

Thank you so much for the award, Mairi. I've been trying a number of times to break through the robot trap, but have been unsuccessful. Hope it works this time. I'll link from my blog. Thanks again

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Thank you so much Mairi!!! :D That's super sweet of you! I haven't been paying my blog much attention lately. I hope to get back around to it soon. We'll see... :)

kaesea said...

Well thank you lovely lady. You posted this in february and I am reading it in august ! promise to pull my blog socks up before eof.