Monday, September 3, 2012

Pocahontas eat your heart out!

This is just to make you laugh a little! The beauty of sewing is that occasionally you get a commission that just makes you chuckle! A friend's boyfriend decided he'd like to attend a fancy dress party as Pocahontas!!! Being dark and all it was really rather amusing! So, after a little searching on the internet for suitable ideas I found this brilliant tutorial A couple of large, cheap t-shirts later... and a bit of snip snip... I got it done! My husband was none too pleased about having to model but alas I was forbidden from taking photos of him!

 I had to alter the pattern slightly because he wanted a one shoulder costume (men! wouldn't you know he'd make it harder!!!) I joined the two collars together and sewed them to the diagonal! Phew! That worked!
He never wore the feathers and arm/head bands and I'm sure he was rather cold on the night being winter and all! But he turned out a pretty convincing Pocahontas... you'd never know he's bald under that glossy hair!!! I'm sure I'll never make another costume like it but it was fun to do!!!

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Allyson said...

It really is disturbing! Nice work though!