Sunday, January 20, 2013

Welcome to 2013!

This year I've decided to embark on a (probably rather necessary!) personal challenge... finish 52 UFOs... and start as few new projects as I can possibly manage! 52 UFOs you ask!?!?!? Is that even possible!? Well... I might have a wee bit of a problem with starting things... and a bit of a bigger problem with finishing things! I'm probably hyperactive or something (undiagnosed naturally!) or maybe just over enthusiastic! I do get most of my projects finished eventually... just it's getting to the point of totally ridiculous... and I can hardly walk around my studio as it is... so to keep myself accountable I'll be posting pictures of all 52... starting today... Apologies I still need to work on perfecting my photos!

1. Rainbow scarf (8ply mohair) Free pattern... dead easy... super quick... Taken me about 2 years to finish!

2. Purple and green wide rib scarf (Cleckheaton Tapestry) Pattern from "Handknits to Wrap and Adorn" by Cleckheaton. Taken me about a year to finish! Don't much like rib. It seemed to go on... and on... and on...!!!

3. Hot water bottle cover for DD2... who is super excited... Pattern from "Handknits to Wrap and Adorn" by Cleckheaton. The whole family has one now! Taken me a few months to finish (just now that winter is over!)

4. Chevron scarf (Noro Kureyon). Totally LOVED knitting this scarf! Might be a teensy bit addicted to the colour changes in Noro! Divine pattern... lightly felted it when finished and couldn't be happier!

5. Purple and red quilt! This is probably my oldest UFO! It's about 15 years in the making! It's from a Patchwork and Quilting magazine from way back when it started (1996 annual)... Judy Hooworth... called Skewed Squares... always loved her use of colour! Still love this quilt... and the crazy quilting on it! Can't tell you how relieved I am to get this finished at last!

6. ABCs of Parenting by Lizzie Kate... started this about 6 months ago and ALMOST finished it within a month... but got distracted just before I finished!!! A common problem!!! lol! Now to get it to the framer!

7. Welcome home cross-stitch... another oldie... started this sometime pre 2000... was never really happy with the colours... so different from the original photo... not probably a design I'd pick these days... and the variety of colours in the garden beds almost made me insane! Another one off to the framers!

8. Long overdue ironing board re-cover! Found myself unthinkingly ripping it apart to make a pattern about 11pm the other night... probably the slowest start but the quickest finish! Not that my husband even noticed when he came to iron his shirt and found I'd done one for him!!! Men!

9. Uber quilt festival quilt... made from scraps! Want to make one of your own? I was going gung-go until the last 2 blocks... they took me a year! lol!


So... that's my progress so far! Tracking pretty nicely!


Deb said...

Well, you are off to a flying start then! At this rate, you'll need a new resolution by Easter. Your ironing board cover reminds me I must do mine one of these days....

Mairi said...

I recommend fitted sheet elastic Deb! And sewing your layers together first... THEN attaching the elastic! And pull it as tight as you can! Here endeth the lessons learnt!!!