Monday, June 3, 2013

The Glenbrae Aprons...

My daughter has been attending Highland dancing lessons for a while now. Last week her troupe were performing at a Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser for cancer research at a local fabric store. As part of the fundraiser the public were invited to make aprons and donate them to charity. I decided the night before (as you do!) to get a little creative! I rummaged around in my stash, found some tartan, a spot of black fabric, some buttons, some lace... and after a little research the Glenbrae aprons were born! Oh boy, I really should get sleep occasionally!

Pretty pleased with how they turned out, especially the details on the male version... authentic Highland cow hide sporran of course!!! The buttons I found were perfect and the buckle! So... just to make you smile... here's a picture of my dad and I modelling them! My daughter was giving instructions... clearly my dad is more willing to go a little crazy than I am!!!We are authentic 100% Scots so it is a good photo in many ways!

 So anyway, I ended up winning first prize in the modern apron section! A decent prize too! 

Since I had the aprons for less than 24 hours I got to missing them... they were so much fun to make... so I went and bought them back!!! Dad is pretty chuffed he's getting his back... I think he was a little sad to part with it in the first place!!! 

Next plan is to make a pattern to sell... I couldn't find a pattern for anything similar on the internet... stay tuned...

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