Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh dear...!!!!

This is the lovely square I received from Chris on Fair & Square! It is absolutely stunning and I love the bright colours!

This is the Fair & Square block that i sent to Staci. I loved the crazy bright thread which if you're interested is Needle Necessities colour 1931! I haven't seen any brighter variegated thread on the market and so I ordered it in quantity from America!!

I just can't help myself... I'm easily distracted I admit!!!! I got sidetracked on the weekend from finishing anything by a little red sampler!!!! Pretty good going for a lazy Sunday I thought!!!! Now I just have to finish it or it will become just another "UFO"!!!! Oh dear, I really do need help don't I!!!

On other matters I'm back into study again! Just dragged a whole library home with me so that should keep me busy for a while!!!!

Tomorrow a friend is coming over to get some help on her mitred corners on her patchwork! That should be fun and hopefully we'll manage to sort it out for her... it's been ages since I did some! I guess that after that it's hitting the books big time and not so much time for crafting!

Till next installment!


Petra said...

Pretty pansy and really nice thread color!!!!!

Maureen said...

the squares are lovely and that thread is great - i have a bit of a fondness for bright colours - might have to check that one out!