Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quilts for Thailand 2010

Wow! Sometimes you get inspired and things just take off!!! A young friend from church has gone to work in a Thai orphanage for 6 months during her gap year. Check out It can be a lonely place being in a different culture, away from family and friends for someone of any age, let alone an 18 year old so I thought it would be good to support her and the kids in the orphanage, all of whom have HIV. There are 80 kids in the orphanage and some already have quilts from a donation a while back. So... her mother and sister are heading over in September... and we're aiming on making 60 quilts for the kids there! What great fun! Already I've had a donation of fabric and I've sorted through a whole pile of my fabrics that I reckon can be handed on... (check out what was on my doorstep when I got home this morning!!!! Woo hoo!!!!)
After a couple of hours of cutting strips I have now got a big pile of blue 2.5inch strips of various lengths to make boy quilts. I am thinking of using to make some scrappy ones!

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