Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quilts for Thailand 2010

Well... great start to the day... an advertisement in the school newsletter... a flyer in our church bulletin... two phone calls from ladies wanting to help who also have fabric to donate... sewed up a couple of strip centres for 2 blue quilts... a de-stash of 2 big boxes of acrylic yarn to a good friend who wants to crochet blankets for the orphanage... a re-sort of my yarn/fabric boxes as a result... a trip to Spotlight where I picked up another 15m of boy backing fabric (fish) for only $3m 12ocm wide! Very satisfying! Oh, and I also managed to entertain a 1 year old and 2 school kids (+ 1 friend) who finished school early for parent teacher interviews, and a trip to Highland Dancing! A busy but rewarding day all round! Hopefully some more photos tomorrow! The excitement is already building! Even one of the ladies who I have somehow roped in to help and doesn't sew (she breaks into fits of laughter when I even mention the word!!!) found herself visiting the fabric shop this afternoon to pick up fabric!!!!! Impressive!!!

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