Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So, I've just come back from the most amazing Women's Conference in Sydney! "Flourish" is the national conference run bi-annually by the Women's Ministries in the Presbyterian Church of Australia committee (WMPCA for short!), of which I am a member! We've been madly preparing for this for the past year and this year's conference was even more exciting than our first... we made it two days packed with workshops, speakers, fabulous food, and heaps of networking opportunities! Some of the highlights for me were getting away and meeting new people, many of whom are doing amazing things in their communities; fabulous singing; some fascinating interviews with women who were prepared to share their lives with us; leading a workshop on hospitality with a bunch of enthusiastic people; sharing a hotel room with a great girl from Tassie who's set up a great online network for Hobart mums'; hearing some inspiring guys talk about encouraging women to live to their God given potential; having some of my favourite people come up to the conference this time and lead workshops; and so much more! Loved every minute of it! Even added a bit of colour of my own!!! I feel like the real me has finally reached the outside!!!

I also had a great catch up with a good friend of mine... and made Ninjago costumes for her boys while I was there! Fantastic to catch up with someone who is so real about her life, such a good listener, and a top girl even if she can't sew! Fabulous dinner Saturday night, great coffee, and a nice drop of dessert wine! It's always good to see her and her family when I make a trip up to Sydney! Also really enjoyed visiting my old church and catching up with so many familiar faces! Can't wait for my next holiday up at Gosford!!

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