Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cross-stitch crazy...

Cross stitching is one of those "not-so-cool" crafts I've done since I was about 14! I make no pretence that I don't love it! Sometimes I don't do it for months at a time but it's like my fall-back craft... I always pick it up again in the end! I know it's kind of daggy but I find it relaxing. At the moment I'm trying to finish 3 cross-stitches that I've been working on for ages and ages... so why don't I show you those... and also a few I've finished over the years!
 I love Lizzie Kate! So simple yet effective!

 Bought this one years and years ago and was always disappointed at the difference between the warm tones of the picture and the cool tones in reality. Determined to finish it this month!

Yes, I relate to this... totally!!! Almost done! Just a bit more back stitching on the chair and it's finished! I often frame my own cross stitches to save money. I buy a suitable read made frame, get the framer to cut a mount to size (much cheaper!), then press my aida and spray glue it to the backing. It's only when cross-stitches are so "out" like this one is that I get them professionally stretched and framed.

 I did this cross stitch a while back when I lived near the coast... it has about a million 1/2 and 1/4 stitches and about 2 million colours! It's very pretty and delicate and is no bigger than 5 x 7".

 I love the red hat society! It's so much fun! This is one of the two cross-stitches that I have in the theme!

 Sometimes the simple is sweet! I made this to match my house colours a few houses back! Done in no time!

Bit addicted to Country Cottage Needleworks designs. Like Lizzie Kate they are quick and simple!

 Margaret Sherry does some lovely work... always with a lot of detail! I love the quirkiness of this design!

I've always been a bit of a royal fan and I loved the colours and kitsch of this design! It works well in my newly revamped studio which I must show you photos of one of these days!

As you can tell my style is very ecclectic! I like what I like! Generally I'm attracted to colour or quirkiness but sometimes I will surprise with something altogether different!

Some of my favourite designers areCountry Cottage Needleworks
Lizzie Kate

These days I much prefer to buy PDFs. Check out

There's plenty more cross-stitch finishes I could show you but I'll save them for another day!


Annie said...

Hi Mairi - found you via Allyson and think you are the recipient of the amazing Rainbow Realta! How I envy you. And then I discovered your own amazing talents - your cross-stitch pictures are wonderful. (Apart from the Will and Kate one, not my sort of subject matter...but the rest xxx!)

Mairi said...

Thanks! The Rainbow Realta is divine and I adore it! It makes me happy every day! Thanks for stopping in and saying hi!