Friday, May 14, 2010

Some photos from around my house... part 1

Well, I have decided to show you little bits from my house... since some of you have quietly raised doubts as to whether I ever actually finish the things on my lengthy list of UFOs!!! These photos are from DD2s room! Tomorrow I will show you another room!

I finished this rather cute cross-stitch while I was pregnant with DD1! It now hangs in the room of DD2!

The little mouse on the pile of balloons with big mouse about to pop on and wake him up is very sweet!

Nothing like the Reject Shop for a sweet shoe basket!

The view from the window... cupboard for toys/linen/nappies! A bargain second hand from the friend of a friend!

The view from the door... drawers are also from same friend of a friend! Curtains are a doona cover converted... cheaper than real curtains!

I loved this design from Handmade Magazine! It has silver thread through it and though it was a simple design it is rather fun!

Made this button heart cushion using a favourite piece of material and some buttons from my stash! A great way to use up buttons you like! It was done in an evening at a church craft group I used to run!

Stayed up late one night to work on this with a good friend a few years ago when my children were much smaller! The white cat is a gorgeous soft fur which had some sentimental value!

This papercut (scherenschnitte) was done by a very talented friend of mine for my DD2s birth! The detail in it is amazing!

Well, now you've seen one room... and as you can see quite a few things have been finished! Wait until you see the next few rooms!!! Now it's time to go do some more finishing but first I'm going to show you one more photo...

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