Sunday, February 6, 2011

Plans for the week...

We had a lovely day today with a new family at our church... 4 kids... and the mother still looks fresh and relaxed! Wow! She doesn't craft at all though... perhaps there's something to be said for that considering my manic (but generally enjoyable!) lifestyle! I always find that when non-crafty people come around I keep the door to my studio closed... it's a little embarrassing otherwise... ahem... Personally I can't imagine a life without craft... I would be intolerable to live with!

So, yesterday I promised you a picture of DD8s latest creation at her sewing class... here it is:

The gathered peasant collar, sleeves and waist are kind of cute... as is the fabric! This is probably about the only way such "pretty" fabric will make it into my house!! She really is getting quite proficient at sewing seams and I hope this is a skill which stays with her for life... I need SOMEONE to leave my fabric collection to!!!

Meantime I've been working on another quilt to put on my madeit shop. The top is finished and ready to be loaded on the quilting machine...

This is such a sweet and pretty quilt from a Layer Cake purchased last year at the Craft Show for a bargain price!

This week I hope to make a bunch of library bags, finish my book pockets, and get a shirt made for myself... as well as finish this quilt... What do you hope to get finished this week?


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