Friday, February 11, 2011

A spot of dressmaking!

I've been having a little fun lately with the boxes of fabric in my stash!! Oh, and my local sewing shop... Liz's Sewing Centre, Boronia (lovely ladies will serve you in there!)... have a 50% off dressmaking fabric sale... 40% off patchwork fabric...

I decided to break out a little and sew a knit dress for DD1 in size 3... well in advance for next summer! Not my usual colours with the brown background but I'm in love with it! I've never tried lettuce leaf (learn something new every day!) edging before and was quite satisfied with the result!I've also been playing with some summer shirts for myself in satin fabric... not something I've worked with in a long time... but I do have boxes and boxes of fabrics from when I made my own clothes a lot more regularly (pre-kids in reality!!). Also pleased with how this one has turned out (Butterick B5493 for those who are interested) and I think I will be soon using the other 3 appropriate fabrics in my stash for the remaining neckline variations! Very exciting to find a pattern that is simple, quick, comfortable and fits well.

On other matters... we have a new kitten... Patch (don't blame me... I didn't name him!!) DD1 has been having some trouble learning what is "gentle". We are getting there and she loves to carry him around (sometimes almost by the neck but we won't go there!) I promise you don't need to ring animal cruelty... we are keeping a careful eye on her! Anyway, today I took this photo...

Who knew... cats apparently like to watch Playschool!!! He was purring so loud I could hear him from where I was! I think a cautious friendship is blossoming!

Well, DD1 is asleep so I'm off to make the most of it... more photos of WIP will follow shortly!

Have a great day,

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